If you need more details now

Login to your portal to view additional information pertaining to the amount due now. Otherwise, you can request additional information through your online portal, by mail, or by phone. 

If you previous paid the amount due  

Many times, you may have multiple accounts and/or multiple dates of service with a creditor. If you previously paid, your payment may not have been applied to the account that is now in collections. To better serve you and locate your payment, please provide as much information about your previous payment, such as payment date, payment amount, confirmation number, receipt, etc. We will go back to the creditor and attempt to track down your payment. 

If your insurance should have paid

See more information on our Insurance page. If you continue to dispute your account, if you are having issues with your insurance, or currently working with your insurance, please contact us. To better serve you and the processing of your claim, please provide as much information about your insurance issue to us. 

If you dispute the amount due 

Please contact us to request an itemized statement or other documentation to be sent to you. If you dispute an individual charge, you have the option to explain why you don't think you owe it so we can better address your concerns. 

If you believe we have the wrong individual 

Creditors provide us with your information obtained at the time your account was opened and uniquely identifies each account holder. This information may include your address, phone numbers, SSN, date of birth, and other personal identifying information. If you believe someone else used your personal information to open an account placed with us, incur a debt, fraudulently used your insurance, or other types of fraud, please see our ID Theft / Fraud section. If you believe that it's not your debt, please contact us at your earliest convenience. 

Contact Us

If you dispute your account for any reason, please contact us: 

Creditor Advocates 

1551 Southcross Dr W STE C

Burnsville, MN 55306 

If you need immediate assistance, please call our office at (866) 357-7522 during normal business hours. 

This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.